Bike Route on SR 503

This route is best explored by bicycle, though walking or jogging is an option.  My favorite part is the crossing of Salmon Creek.  There is some kind of work being done beneath the bridge, so steps have been built to walk down from the path to the area beneath the bridge.  These steps are likely just temporary, to be used during the current work, but it gave me a convenient path to get down closer to Salmon Creek.

This is a multi-use path separated from SR 503, running alongside it from Brush Prairie to Battle Ground (about 2-1/2 miles).  If you want to walk it, the best places to park and access the path would be on 154th St (at the end from the east side, so you need to go through Brush Prairie to access the dead end) or 179th St (park on 122nd Ave north of 179th St.).

Convington Neighborhood Park

This is a long narrow neighborhood park with a paved path that meanders the length of the park and has lollipop loops at both ends.  Walking the full length, circling at both ends, and returning to the starting point makes for about a 1/2 mile walk.

Kevanna Park

At first glance this is a small neighborhood park, with a playground area and access to Burnt Bridge Creek.  There is a scenic bridge over the creek, and the area around the playground is well maintained, but there is more to the park that is somewhat neglected, as well as trails that can offer a longer walk through some of the neighboring undeveloped lands.

The entry points to the park are from the tree shaded turnaround on NE 51st St or the cul de sac end of NE 47th St.  There is an access pathway at NE 48th Circle, but that enters into a neglected corner of the park, and does not have a trail connection to the other areas of the park.  In fact, that access pathway appears to connect to the neighboring undeveloped lot, rather than directly to the park.

I took a longer walk at the site, about 1.7 miles.  I started at 51st by following the well used walking path to the left.  This took me along Burnt Bridge Creek, along side the open meadow, and then out towards 51st to get around the waterway.  I then followed the trail along the edge of field, near the waterway, to the bridge at NE 11th Ave to cross Burnt Bridge Creek.  I turned left to cross the next field, again following the creek.  This trail hits a wooded area where I turned to the left to and followed the access path out to 48th Circle.  I then walked the road around to the right, along 109th Ave and 47th St, to reach the park again.  At the bridge, instead of crossing, I went to the left, and followed a path along the west bank of the creek out to a field.  A circuit around the field brought be back to this path and then back to the bridge at the park.  I then crossed through the park, then did a similar circuit around the field to the west, which has a trail a long the north bank of the creek.

There are areas of this walk where a litter cleanup is needed, and a few places where someone may have been camping recently.

Please note, these large fields are not part of the park, but are sites planned for future development, owned by Weston Investment Co, LLC.  Please be respectful of private property, and only walk the trails at your own risk.

Curtin Springs Wildlife Habitat

I came across this site while out exploring.  It’s a field and wetland managed for wildlife habitat.  Several paths, perhaps a little over 1/2 mile, have been mowed in the tall grass to allow easy walking around the site to explore, learn, and to watch for wildlife.  You can also view the spring which is the headwaters of Curtin Creek.

It can be tricky to reach, since the entrance is at the end of NE 72nd Ave, and 72nd Ave can only be turned onto when going west on NE 78th St.

Greyhawk Neighborhood Park

A neighborhood with a wide open field, and paths to walk around.  An easy place to make laps if you want.  You could choose different loops of the 2/5th mile of paths to combine for the distance you want to walk.  The tree on the north side is an intriguing presence.

The park has two entrances. The main one at 45th Ave and 126th Street and a side path from 126th Circle.

Pioneer East

A brand new housing development, Pioneer East, has built a path to take a walk above a tributary to Gee Creek.  At the west end of the trail are two sets of stairs.  If you go up the stairs, you could walk through the neighborhood still under construction.

SE 34th St and SE 192nd Ave Wetland

This small wetland area is set aside to provide a natural filter of storm water runoff, but it also happens to make a grassy path for a casual 1/2 mile loop walk.

You can park in the lot behind Wells Fargo, by the low fence.  Walk around the south end of the fence to follow the grassy berm through the wetland.  Then continue north past Les Schwab, along 192nd Ave around the wetland, then follow the grass strip between the wetland and the fence back to 34th St, and make the return to where you parked to complete a half mile stroll.

Beaver Marsh

If you don’t mind the freeway noise, Beaver Marsh is a great place for a walk in the woods.  This area sits just west of Interstate 205 with a wide well maintained loop trail as well as a couple looping side trails.  Friendly neighbors walk the trail, but also the day I was there some kids decided to lay limbs across the trail to form obstacles.

The main trail crosses Burnt Bridge Creek twice.  Once over a nice bridge at the west end of the area, and on the I-205 culvert at the east end.

There are two entrances.  The main entrance at the end of 98th Ave and a trail connection at the end of 102nd Ave.

Chinook Neighborhood Park

This small neighborhood park connects three separate neighborhoods along a quiet stream, a tributary to Whipple Creek.

The main park entrance is at NW 142nd St. The paved path crosses a foot bridge to NW 7th Place, where there’s a nice gazebo to sit in. Dirt trails also connect to NW 146th Way.