Vancouver Lake South

The area on the south side of Vancouver Lake, essentially everything along Laframbois Road, is public land with many trails.  Land on the west side of Laframbois Road, and on the east side closest to Vancouver Lake, is owned by the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, and is managed for deer and bird hunting.  Land to the east of Laframbois Road is mostly owned by the City of Vancouver and Clark County.  A portion of City land appears to be leased for agricultural production.

There are many trails in this area that can be explored, just be aware that much of the land is managed for hunting.  As I wandered the trails, I saw many birds.  Sparrows, swallows, swans, geese, ducks, great blue herons, hawks, harriers, and a pheasant that was staying near the entry gate, as if greeting new arrivals.

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