Ellen Davis Trail

Four parking spaces in the parking lot off NE Ross St are reserved for users of the Ellen Davis Trail.  This trail goes two direction, though the east trail is not obvious from the parking lot. To the west the trail is a short (0.7 mile) connector to the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail.   The trail is partially paved and partially dirt, with a stretch of grass pavers on the hill.  Note that there are numerous side paths off this trail which lead to campsites where people are living in tents.

To go east on the trail, from the parking lot, follow NE Ross St. up the hill to the east. After NE 15th Ave, there will be a gravel path along the side of Ross St. This is the Ellen Davis Trail. This gravel path continues along Ross St, crosses as Ross becomes 54th St, then turns north on 22nd Ave. At the end of 22nd Ave it becomes a true trail up and over the hill, then skirting BPA to reach St. James Rd, passing through a nice forested area.

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