Ridgefield Reiman Road to Heron Drive

This a collection of several trails that can make for a good walk.  You can make loop walks if you don’t mind walking on the narrow shoulder of a road.

The stretch next to Reiman Road from Pioneer St to 23rd Pl is paved, with a decent climb to it.  You then walk the sidewalk along 23rd Pl to the pedestrian path that runs between backyards south of 5th way.  This connects the playground at the east, on 5th Way, to Heron Dr, with a side connection to Falcon Dr.  East of the connector to Falcon Dr the trail is paved and level.  West of there the trail turns to gravel.

Near Heron Dr, there is a trail that switch backs up the hill to North 11th Pl, and a trail that goes down the hill to Abrams Park, with a side connector to 7th Circle.

The trail to Abrams Park goes through a disc golf course setup on the hillside.  This area includes many dirt trails for use of the disc golf course, or for exploring the hillside.  At this point you have three choices that could form a loop.  You could turn left along the park, through the dirt paths, and then go up the hill along the route of the petroleum pipeline, or turn right through the park and follow the Gee Creek Trail back to Heron Dr, or cross Abrams Park and then walk along Pioneer St to Reiman Rd (warning, a stretch of this walk along Pioneer St has a narrow shoulder along a busy road.)

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