Haapa Park and Boat Launch

At first this appears to be just a small park with a boat launch, but explorers and fishers can find primitive trails to follow both upriver and downriver.

The paved paths include an approach to the river that is a good place to watch

During high water season, the trails are flooded, but when the river level is low you can explore upriver along the shore, or a primitive trail which then loops back to connect to the field north of the park.  I have not fully explored the trail downriver, but it appears to connect to a peninsula on the river which extends over half a mile downriver.  Be prepared to climb over logs or other obstacles and pass through brambles with thorns.

One response on “Haapa Park and Boat Launch

  1. Dan Bentson

    I was out at Haapa in December 2021 and found some trees being taken down by a beaver.

    This park seems to be targeted toward people planning to spend the day on the river. The facilities there include a restroom (with running water) and a number of picnic tables along the edges.

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