Union Rd Trail

If you visit the Whipple Creek Hollow Natural Area, there is a sign showing local trails, and the sign includes a trail following east along Whipple Creek from Union Rd.  However, if you go to the start point for this trail, you will see a gate with a “Keep Out” sign on it.

The gate keeps vehicles out, but on foot you can walk around it.  The access road goes to a pair of storm water management ponds, and beyond the ponds is a trail to follow Whipple Creek.  This trail, however, is un-maintained and may be impassable at times.  There are a series of old log walks which help get past some of the muddy areas, but when I visited, the last log ended in a bush and over a puddle.  Without high boots, I could not go further.

It would be great, and likely in the plans of the parks crew, to eventually improve this trail and build a bridge across Whipple Creek so that it can connect to the Salmon Creek Community Club Park and continue up stream to the Whipple Creek Hollow Natural Area.

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