Kevanna Park

At first glance this is a small neighborhood park, with a playground area and access to Burnt Bridge Creek.  There is a scenic bridge over the creek, and the area around the playground is well maintained, but there is more to the park that is somewhat neglected, as well as trails that can offer a longer walk through some of the neighboring undeveloped lands.

The entry points to the park are from the tree shaded turnaround on NE 51st St or the cul de sac end of NE 47th St.  There is an access pathway at NE 48th Circle, but that enters into a neglected corner of the park, and does not have a trail connection to the other areas of the park.  In fact, that access pathway appears to connect to the neighboring undeveloped lot, rather than directly to the park.

I took a longer walk at the site, about 1.7 miles.  I started at 51st by following the well used walking path to the left.  This took me along Burnt Bridge Creek, along side the open meadow, and then out towards 51st to get around the waterway.  I then followed the trail along the edge of field, near the waterway, to the bridge at NE 11th Ave to cross Burnt Bridge Creek.  I turned left to cross the next field, again following the creek.  This trail hits a wooded area where I turned to the left to and followed the access path out to 48th Circle.  I then walked the road around to the right, along 109th Ave and 47th St, to reach the park again.  At the bridge, instead of crossing, I went to the left, and followed a path along the west bank of the creek out to a field.  A circuit around the field brought be back to this path and then back to the bridge at the park.  I then crossed through the park, then did a similar circuit around the field to the west, which has a trail a long the north bank of the creek.

There are areas of this walk where a litter cleanup is needed, and a few places where someone may have been camping recently.

Please note, these large fields are not part of the park, but are sites planned for future development, owned by Weston Investment Co, LLC.  Please be respectful of private property, and only walk the trails at your own risk.

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