Lewis and Clark Trail Pedestrian Viewpoint

This viewpoint was built without a parking area, however there are options to park nearby and walk to it.  A brand new road just completed now takes you right to it.  The area just north of the viewpoint is preserved as a natural area, and has a couple trails that can make for a more interesting walk as well.

The new road to the site is not yet included in Google Maps as of this writing.  It is accessed from a new traffic circle on SE Brady Rd.  There is no open access from SE 42nd Circle.  However, on SE 38th Way, you can enter a trail through the natural area.  Follow this trail until you hit the back of the QFC.  Turn left and follow that trail parallel to the overhead power lines until you reach the path along 192nd Ave, and then up to the Viewpoint.  The trails in this natural area can also be entered from behind Symmetry Massage and Fitness, from next to Radiance Dental Assisting Academy, and from the parking lot near the UPS Store.

If you don’t want to walk through the nature area, but want to walk to the Viewpoint, the parking lots near QFC provide a good option.  Just walk south along the east side of 192nd Ave to the path up to the Viewpoint.  As the area below the Viewpoint is being developed with new roads and multi-use paths, more options are opening up for parking nearby.


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