Fisher Basin Community Park

Fisher Basin Community Park is located next to Shahala Middle School and Illahee Elementary School and includes a great loop path to follow around the schools during non-school hours.  (Please avoid walking the school grounds during school hours).

This is a flat paved walk.  What really interested me when I was there, was the abundance of birds in trees along the path between the two schools, and in the field to the west of that path.  I even saw Scrub Jays there, which I have not seen on my other walks.

The empty land next to the schools (at the corner of SE 192nd Ave and SE 1st St) provides an interesting area to look for birds, and some trails to wander.  This area is owned by PeaceHealth so will likely soon be developed into a clinic.

The main access to the park is from SE 192nd Ave or the Middle School Parking Lot. It can also be accessed from E 9th Circle, SE 3rd Way, SE 1st St or the Elementary School Parking Lot.

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