Cougar Canyon Creek Trail

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There are two distinct parts to this trail divided at NW 119th St.

North of NW 119th St is a paved multi-use trail that connects to the Salmon Creek Greenway Trail.  This is a 1/2 mile walk alongside Cougar Canyon Creek.  4/10ths mile from the road is a connector trail that climbs 1/10th mile up to NW 125th St & NW 15th Ave.

South of NW 119th St is an unimproved dirt trail the follows Cougar Canyon Creek, then turns to the west to climb up to park land labelled Canyon Creek Woods.  With a trail loop in that area, this trail is about 1/2 mile, making for a 1 mile out and back hike.

While the trail does not continue further up Cougar Canyon Creek yet, the county owns many parcels along the creek, so that eventually it may be possible to complete a trail all the way through to Hazel Dell Ave.

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