Washougal River State Park

An undeveloped piece of land held by the state for a planned future park.  This site has one road running through it parallel to the Washougal River for 1.6 miles.  At the end of the road is a private cabin whose only road access is through the park.  Respect the landowner and turn back when you reach a very steep downhill slope.

Parking is at a small pullout a short distance before the gate.  The road in the park is paved for about another 800ft after the gate and then continues as a dirt road.  If you want to get down to the river, your only opportunity is a rough trail approximately 900-1000ft after the pavement ends.

4 responses on “Washougal River State Park

  1. Phyllis Thornton

    This is great short hike about a mile and half up. Lots to see along the way. Not a lot of people at least that’s been the case every time I’ve gone. I enjoyed the little water fall about half way up, you can hear it as you get close. great views of the river too. I loved that it hasn’t been super developed yet! I was also surprised that folks who live here don’t even know this place exists.

  2. Laura

    Made the drive put here today- at the base of balcony rd there’s a ton of signage saying private (even the sign naming the road says it’s a private road). Wasn’t comfortable staying to explore. Trespassing charges aren’t on my summer activities checklist

    1. Jim Post author

      Hi, thanks for the update. I have not been there for some time to check on it, so things may have changed since I created my entry.

  3. Jim Post author

    Checking into it, I see that while Balcony Dr is a private drive, there is an easement providing access to the state owned land at the end of Balcony Dr. So, as is always expected, be considerate of the landowners along Balcony Dr, follow Balcony Dr to the closed gate. At that point you are on state property. Park there, and enjoy the hike.

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