Taverner Ridge

The recently built Taverner Ridge neighborhood includes several paths that meander through fields, along side forest and past wetlands for about 1 mile of trails to explore.  There are several points to start into the trails, where the paths cross the roads, or access paths connect into neighborhood streets.

I started on Lake River Terrace, but other good locations to start are on Great Blue Road, 14th Circle, 15th Way, 14th Ct, 15th Ct, 17th Circle, and 18th Circle.  I expect that before long there will likely be a trail connecting to Pintail Ct, and to Nighthawk Rd.

A portion of the trail through this neighborhood follows the pipeline corridor.  I would love it if the developers, Ridgefield and Clark County could coordinate completing a path that follows the pipeline all the way from here to the county owned land at Flume Creek, about a mile south.

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