Meadowbrook North

North of Burton Road is a 35 acre area designated Meadowbrook North.  It is being actively restored with native plantings, and a new bark dust path is being built along the meadow east of Burnt Bridge Creek.  There is an existing path through the grassy meadow east of the creek, and an old dirt road parallel to the creek on the west side.  The east side is best accessed from NE 93rd Ave, and the road on the west side can be accessed from Burton Rd, but there is no place to park, so you will need to park somewhere else nearby and walk there.

If you start at the end of 93rd Ave, you can walk across the meadow, and follow the trail parallel to Burnt Bridge Creek.  Walking almost to Burton Rd and then looping back around the field will take you about 3/4 of a mile.  The access to Burton Rd is blocked, so you cannot just easily cross over the creek to the west side.  Hopefully this access will be opened up, and a crossing could be installed to allow easy connection to the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail and Meadowbrook Marsh Park, as well as access to the west side of this area.

The dirt road on the west side goes in about 2,000ft, ending up in a wooded area near Burnt Bridge Creek.  I am hopeful that when the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail extension is completed, it will include a nice loop walk through this area.

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