Osprey Pointe Gee Creek Trail

At the back of the Osprey Pointe neighborhood is a stretch of trail along the Gee Creek valley.  A short trail goes down the hill to the bottom, but ends before reaching the creek.  An upper trail runs along the bluff, ending at a conservation area, with a side trail connecting to 24th Ct.  The trails are short, about 1,500ft total, but do provide for a very nice walk along the forested hillside.

Ideally, this trail could eventually be connected to Abrams Park downstream, and to the High School upstream.

Just up the hill from the trails, is a commons area owned by the Home Owners Association on 21st Pl.  The trail around this commons makes about a 1,400ft loop, and has a connection to 15th Circle.  What would really make for a great walk, would be if a trail were built through the wooded area on the east side of 21st Pl and Osprey Dr, to the Gee Creek Trail.

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