Bratton Canyon Park

Bratton Canyon Park was transferred to the county from the state Department of Natural Resources in 2011 and seems to be a neglected park.  It has a wooded campgrounds, but last time I looked around the park, the campgrounds were not well maintained.  Overnight camping is currently not allowed (except by special permit) and is day use parking is only allowed April 15 through October 15.

The camp ground access road is less than 200ft east of NW 14th Ave.  When the access road is closed, there is not much space to park.

A short distance west, across from NW 18th Ave, is another gated road.  This is a logging road which crosses onto privately owned land, and connects through to NW 29th Ave.  Following 29th Ave to 389th St for the return makes a 2 mile loop, but these roads have no sidewalks or much shoulder to walk on.  Also, be aware that if you walk the logging roads and connecting trails, you will be crossing onto private property, so be considerate of the property owners.

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