Discovery Historic Loop Trail

Discovery Historic Loop Trail

This short loop trail is a flat paved walk of just over 1 mile for the full loop.  Note that when crossing Andresen Road, you need to either cross at the marked cross walk near the trailhead, or walk a half block north to 18th St and cross at the lighted intersection.

There are three places to park for this trail. 

  1. The very small gravel lot just off of Andresen Rd at the trailhead.  This lot can only be entered when driving south on Andresen Rd, and when you leave the lot you can only turn south onto Andresen Rd.
  2. A larger gravel lot at the end of NE 65th Ave, south of E 18th St.
  3. A third option, is to park at the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail on NE Devine Rd, and walk to the Discovery Loop Trail.  This is about a half mile to the west, so walking from there, around the loop trail, and back is just over 2 miles.

The Burnt Bridge Creek Trail extends both west and east of the Discovery Trail.

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