Frenchman’s Bar Regional Park

Frenchman’s Bar Regional Park includes just short of one and a half  miles of riverfront which can be walked.

If you went to Hewlett Point in Frenchman’s Bar Regional Park at the south end of the park, and then either walk or ride along the paved path to the north end of Vancouver Lake Regional Park, you would have over a six mile round trip.  Unfortunately over two miles of the trail runs along side fields without much tree cover, which can make for a hot and boring hike on hot days.  This trail is much better for bike riding than it is for walking.

There are several places where you can park to start onto the trail.  You can park at Frenchman’s Bar Regional Park, or at Vancouver Lake Regional Park, both of which require a $3.00 fee, but have lots of parking spaces and good facilities.  Alternatively, you can park at the bend in Lower River Road at Blurock Landing (often fills up), the lot just south of where Lower River Road divides from the road for Vancouver Lake Park, or at a lot just north of there, which is the Frenchman’s Bar Hiking Trail Parking Area.

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