Fairgrounds Community Park

Fairgrounds Community Park has a paved loop path of about a half mile, but there is also a dirt trail that exits the park on the north side to connect with the Clark County Event Center.  The trail runs alongside the fields used for parking at the Event Center, then turns back toward the south to meander south and west through the woods emerging at a field which can be crossed to reach 11th Ave to connect with the trail to Whipple Creek Regional Park.  The trail through the forest (just shy of a half mile) is a nice walk on it’s own.  The path across the field (just over a quarter mile) is not cleared, which might not be a problem if you are on horseback, but when walking it can take some searching, or some walking through tall grass to find your way.  Late summer or early fall, the field was cut, so paths across the field are easier to find.

There is an inconspicuous dirt trail connecting through the woods at the south end of the field.  From the park side, go to the western-most curve of the paved path.   To the west you will find a trail entering the trees.  This path meanders through the wooded area to the field, and then a trail can be followed along the edge of the field up to the northern trail that wanders back through the forest.  A complete circuit of these trails is about 1 mile.


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