Hockinson Meadows Community Park

Hockinson Meadows Community Park

Wherever you park, you can easily follow the main path through the park, through the forested area, then along side the roads to the parking for a complete loop of just under one mile.

Be warned, watch your step.  There is a nice big off-leash dog park, which is great to have, but unfortunately I noticed some of the dogs leave deposits elsewhere along the trail.

A path that extends along the entrance drive, also follows 172nd Ave north to 119th St. This gives a 3/4 mile path from the parking lot to walk, jog or bike. You can also ponder a little history on this walk. On the other side of 172nd Ave is China Ditch, so named because it was dug by Chinese labor to drain the surrounding swampy lands. I walked this after a heavy rainfall, so there were several large puddles in the path to skirt around.

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