Lewisville Regional Park

Lewisville Regional Park includes a 3 mile loop trail.  The trail is well maintained, with no muddy sections in wet weather.  It is mostly pea gravel, but parts of it are paved or dirt.  Beyond the main loop, three are additional paths that could be followed.

Parking in the park is $3 between May 1 and September 30 (if there is a busy park event), but many people park near the park entrance where there is free parallel parking on the side of the entry road.  This space will often fill up, so be prepared to just pay the $3 and find an open space inside the park.  There are a couple trails that connect to Potter Rd north of the park, but if you choose that option, be very considerate of the neighbors so that you do not park in an area marked No Parking and that you do not park in a way that will interfere with their access to their property and driveways.

It is well worth paying $3 to help support the park.  If you want, you can buy an annual pass.

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