East Fork Lewis River Legacy Lands

This lowland area along the south shore of the East Fork Lewis River includes over 645 acres of land and more than 6 miles of trails.  Other than from the river, the one public point of access is at the public cemetery located at the north end of NE 29th Ave.  Parking is very limited, but fortunately I have never seen more than two or three vehicles there at a time.

When parking at the cemetery, the trail to the right (east) takes you down to the lowlands, where you can explore miles of trails along the river.  The trail straight ahead past the cemetery (north) curves around to meet up with the other trail.

When you go down the trail, at the bottom of the hill you can choose to turn right or left.  Either way will give you a good long trail to follow and views of the East Fork Lewis River.  I have seen many Great Blue Herons.  The last time I was there I saw a group of white herons (Egrets?).  Among the group was also a single Great Blue Heron.

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