Salmon-Morgan Creeks Natural Area

A great place for taking a walk in the woods.

Over a mile of trails, winding through the forest where Morgan Creek meets Salmon Creek.  Trails start at the north end of NE 169th Ave and at the end of NE 183rd St.  In addition to the official maintained trails, there are as many or more unofficial, un-maintained side trails crisscrossing throughout, and extending out of the natural area.

 First time I hiked the trails, this green resident stood guard in the path.

A resident of the Salmon & Morgan Creeks Natural Area

Side trails extend out to three areas.

Trails on the west side extend to the railroad tracks, and across to the golf course. This has interesting potential because the railroad is the Chelatchie Prairie Railroad owned by Clark County. Potentially a multi-use path could be built alongside the railroad, connecting the Salmon-Morgan Creeks Natural Area to Battle Ground and to Battle Ground Lake State Park and a connection to Brush Prairie.

Trails on the north go to the golf course, and along Salmon Creek. You likely want to stay off the golf course, to avoid flying golf balls.

I followed a trail to the east, across a small stream, through an old orchard and reached the east end of NE 183rd St. I note that while the natural area is owned by Clark County, the land to the east (and some other surrounding land) is owned by the Cedars Golf LLC. Potentially there could be trails improved throughout this area as well, including a connection to NE 167th Ave.

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