Cedar Ridge

The Cedar Ridge neighborhood in Ridgefield has a short paved path that wraps around a small stream, tributary to Gee Creek.  A few short dirt trails lead down to the stream.  To explore, I parked on S Cedar Ridge  Drive, entered the trail from there, followed it around as it looped north and then south.  At the end the paved path splits with benches at the end of each fork.  From the end of the right fork I followed a dirt trail that continued down the hill, then across and along the stream.  The paved path was about 1,000ft, and the dirt trail took me about another 650ft before it hit a steep drop to the creek, which I did not bother to cross.

If you continue west to the end of Cedar Ridge Dr there is a narrow paved road that goes past a storm water facility, and then has a bench set by the hill. I could see there being someday a trail connecting this site with the other paved trail to the east. The land along the stream is owned by the City of Ridgefield and could make for a nice nature trail park. A bigger task would be to build a trail west connecting to Gee Creek and Abrams Park.

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