Parkview Trails

This neighborhood has several nice trails that meander along the creek and past several wetland sites.

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Here is one option for a nice 1-1/2 mile loop walk in this neighborhood.

  1. Start at NW 6th St and NW 29th Pl (enjoy the wetland at this site).
  2. Walk east along 6th St, then left to continue on 6th St, follow it as it curves to the left and becomes NW 25th Ave.
  3. Cross to McConnell Park, and walk the sidewalk around the park (along 8th St and 24th Ave), then follow the path back across the park to 25th Ave.
  4. Walk north on 25th Ave, cross 10th Way, then enter the dirt path to the right.
  5. Follow this dirt path along the stream, cross 12th St and continue alongside the stream.
  6. Cross the bridge over the stream to 22nd Pl.
  7. Go north and follow the grassy path across the field to NW 15th St.
  8. Turn left, then turn left onto the paved pedestrian path toward the south.
  9. Follow the right branch of this path to 24th Ave.
  10. Cross 24th and follow the pedestrian path to 25th Ave.
  11. Go south along 25th Ave, pass 12th St and 11th St then turn right onto the paved pedestrian pathway.
  12. You can cross 27th Ave, but the pathway straight ahead dead ends, so instead turn left onto 27th Ave, then turn right on 10th St.
  13. A short distance down 10th St, turn left onto another paved pedestrian pathway.
  14. Follow this path to 7th St.
  15. Turn left, then right onto NW 30th Path.
  16. Follow that path to NW 6th St and back to your start point.

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